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Bolddog History


The Bolddog Lings FMX Team is brought to you in association with Lings Honda.

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1990 - The display team first came about in the early nineties, when Paul Barkshire, one of the Managing Directors at Lings Motorcycles put together a basic motorcycle display team demonstration at a local show in Norfolk, over a wooden cheese wedge type ramp.  The team comprised of the three brothers, Mark, Richard, and Phil Bunning.  At this time, Lings Motorcycles sponsored two riders to race motocross at local Eastern Center events, Andy Godbold and Richard Bunning.

1994 - Paul Barkshire asked Andy Godbold to be involved in the display along with Mark, Richard and Phil.  Andy was inspired by the team, and and introduced his own ideas such as bursting balloons mid air, a basketball jump, and even cross overs through fire.

1996 - After further successful local shows, at the beginning of 1996, Lings and Andy teamed up to put on a more professional show.  Therefore, the Lings Honda Motocross Display Team was officially launched as a business, and started trading in January 1996.  Lings supplied the team with 4 motocross bikes, 3 quads, a generator and mini bikes. The team has run on this basis up until now, booked every single weekend during the summer months.

1998 - The Team started to perform for TV, including on the TV Shows You Bet and Don't Try This At Home.

2002 - At the beginning of 2002, the Lings Honda Team was in more demand than ever, but could see the need for change. With the introduction of a new sport in America called freestyle motocross, which was often featured on extreme sports TV programs, the team could see they needed to move in this direction and soon adapted their show to cater for this.  Consequently the new freestyle ramp was constructed and introduced into the show in July 2002 at the National Adventure Sports Show.



So with a brand new team, the show was choreographed around the latest freestyle motocross tricks, also known as FMX.  Consequently with a completely new show, the team now needed a new name, but still associating completely with their official sponsor Lings, therefore Bolddog Lings FMX Team became the new name.  During this time also, the business became a limited company.

2003 - Bolddog introduced their clothing range, Bolddog clothing and the www.bolddog.com on line store.

2004 - Dan Whitby came on board with Bolddog to run the clothing side of Bolddog, however it soon became apparent that Dan had more to offer the company than just his business skills.  Dan took to FMX riding like a duck to water, and was soon to take over the running of the FMX team.  Dan continues to ride and manage the team, and over the recent years, he has taken the team to a new level with both the riding and the state of the art equipment.

2005 - Samson Eaton and Arran Powley then joined Dan, who are now the heart & soul of the Bolddog Action Sports company.  The team continues to push the boundaries of FMX and lead the way for all motorcycle display teams and freestyle motocross shows.

2010 - Bolddog first became involved with the street bike riders, and continue to work with Mark Van Driel and Ashley Newbold at selected events.

2014 - Dan Whitby continues to manage the FMX team along with the aid of his left & right hand men Arran Powley & Samson Eaton, Since 2005 these three outstanding hardworking gentlemen have made the team what it is today and continue to be 3 of the best FMX riders in the country pushing the limits everyday always trying to be that one step ahead. They have performed to millions of people in the past few years and show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The story continues....................