fmx display team

The Tricks

FMX Team Tricks

Bolddog Lings Freestyle Display Stunt Team perform all of the top death defying freestyle motorcross moves.

Here is just a selection of FMX tricks that you would witness at one of the shows, the Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team perform at.


Dan Whitby - Hart Attack - (pic by Tracy Whittington)


Samson Eaton - Turndown - (pic by Tracy Whittington)


Arran Powley - Cordova - (pic by Tracy Whittington)


Dan Whitby - KOD Indy - (pic by Tracy Whittington)


Samson Eaton - Rocksolid - (pic by Tracy Whittington)


Arran Powley - Cliffhanger - (pic by Tracy Whittington)



Double Can Look                                                     Back Hart Attack.



The Cliffhanger                                                 Double Look Back Hart Attack.



The Shoulin                                                               One Handed Hart



Rock Solid                                                                Switch Blade.



Seat Grab Indy Air                                                      The Scorpion Hart.



The Nac Back flip                                                      Back flip no Feet.



The Back flip - Dan Whitby



The train - Riders get as close as they can and follow each other over the ramp.



Mini-Bike Tricks - The Mini-X Tour

Expect to see the following tricks in our Mini-X Tour

Back Flip Sequence, Arran Powley


Back Flip, Dan Whitby                                                    No hander


Indian Air                                                         No-Hand Back Flip


Back Flip, Dan Whitby                                      Heal Clicker


Nac Whip, Arran Powley                                  Heal Clicker, Samson Eaton


The Train, Riders get as close as they can together - performing tricks at the same time.


Nac Whip                                                          Back Flip, Arran Powley



Other Tricks

For special one off events, as well as freestyle motocross, there are many motorcycle tricks that the team can perform such as jumps over cars, a demo motocross race, wheelies and slam dunking basket balls at over 35 feet in the air.