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Show Overview

The Bolddog Lings Mini-X Tour provide a unique, non-stop show, using Britain’s best motocross and extreme sports participants, introducing the mobile Mini-bike freestyle ramp.  The mini-x tour incorporates mini-bike action along with BMX freestyle and street bike freestyle (street bike freestyle is only possible if a tarmac area or temporary hard flooring is available).

After initial assembly, the ramps can be taken in and out of an arena within 5 minutes.

The mini-x tour can work well in the smallest to full size arenas.  The basic package consists of the Bolddog mini bike riders and our mini FMX set up.  However Bolddog can also provide BMX and street bike freestyle riders to the show.

The Team perform the same ticks as demonstrated by the big freestyle Team including back flips at no extra cost.

You will see the UK’s top mini bike freestyle Arran Powley perform some back flip variations, yes, back flips with a trick thrown in while he’s upside down!







Programme Options

If you are a show organiser, you can choose from the following options to make up the Bolddog Min-X Tour:


Mini-Bike FMX

This Bolddog Lings Mini Bike FMX is simply a scaled down version of it's bigger brother The Bolddog Lings FMX Team, even the equipment looks the same just scaled down, with 2 riders performing the latest freestyle motocross tricks including back flips.  The riders also perform back flips side by side!!  The riders even get into train formation and flip one after the other!  This is the UK’s Number one mini bike landing system, a custom built landing system designed to be set up in an arena in a matter of minutes


Mini-bike Speed & Style

This includes riders racing head to head, but the riders have to include the latest FMX tricks into their race.  The riders go through qualifications and then a Speed and Style Final.


BMX Freestyle

Using the mini-bike freestyle ramps, two BMX riders go head to head performing the most spectacular tricks including tail whips and back flips.


Street Bike Freestyle

If a tarmac area, or hard flooring is available, the UK's Street Bike Champion can show off the latest street bike tricks including 180 degree stoppies, circle wheelies and 12 o'clock wheelies.











Set up and break down time

Getting in and out of the arena - Max 5 minutes set up/break down each side of a 20 - 30 minute Show.

The ramps are towed in and out behind a vehicle.


Arena Size

The Team require a minimum of 30m X 30m arena to perform.



Live commentary

Arran Powley UK’s top mini bike freestyler will be commentating through his radio mike whilst on his mini-bike performing the tricks.  Alternatively there will be a well educated commentator at each event.






The team have a flexible show that is tailored to the individual event, incorporating a mixture of the above programme.

The team can work to a number of different formats as outlined below:

a)   THE SHARED ARENA FORMAT (EG FOR COUNTY SHOWS AND CARNIVALS) - 2 X 30 minute performances which includes taking the ramps in and out of the arena.

b)   OWN ARENA FORMAT 1 (EG AT EXTRTEME SPORTS OR MOTORCYCLE EVENTS)- If the team are provided with their own arena, the tem will leave there equipment permanently set up in the arena.  The team can perform 4 X 20-30 minute performances.


Interactive Stand

Outside the main arena, the team invites the public to their interactive stand where they can meet the riders and find out about extreme sports. A complete package designed to give value, both on and off the machines.








Bolddog Lings Mini X Tour Promo