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LINGS MOTORS AND HONDA UK'S Official UK Stunt Team and the UK's number one freestyle motocross team

The Rigid Landing System

The Articulated Landing System


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Non-stop action from start to finish!!

As Honda’s official and the UK’s number one motorcycle display team, the Bold dog Lings team base their show around the world’s largest and most sophisticated mobile landing system.

The show features the UK’s top ranked freestyle motocross riders, incorporating the latest heart stopping tricks as usually only seen on TV. The team set the standard 12 years ago and now continues to push the boundaries of FMX and lead the way for all motorcycle display teams.

The team also provides an informative on board commentary by the riders even talking to the crowd while performing a trick flying 35ft in the air.

The team’s professionalism is second to none, particularly in the areas of safety, presentation and flexibility.

Between displays the public are invited to the interactive stand where they can get a closer look at the bikes and meet the riders. A complete package to give value both on and off the machines.

This Team will not be beat on entertainment and strive to ensure that the crowds are left mind blown and thoroughly entertained.

The Rigid Landing System

Show Overview

The Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team provide a unique, non-stop show, using Britain’s best motocross and extreme sports participants, introducing the articulated mobile freestyle ramp.

After initial assembly, the ramp can be taken in and out of an arena within 10 minutes and can be used on tarmac and grass.


Freestyle Motocross displays have traditionally consisted of a small pool of riders appearing at a few specific demos and events around the world using traditional earth landing ramps, which take days to build. However the Bolddog Lings FMX team became the first professional team with high tech mobile ramp equipment, which enables a freestyle motocross arena to be set up in just a few minutes. This has made it possible the general public to view the most spectacular sport in the UK.

The Bolddog Lings Team has the largest most sophisticated landing ramp ever seen anywhere in the world!... And as the most advanced piece of equipment in the industry, the Bolddog Lings ramp provides a platform to allow the team to truly express themselves. The show features a wide selection of freestyle motocross tricks such as the “superman seat grab”, “Indian air”, “heel-clicker”, “rock solid”, “double-nac”, “switch blade”, “kiss of death”, “lazy boy” and many more. Many of these moves will result in the rider exiting their seat, taking their hands off the handlebars and rotating their body around the bike!

Bolddog Lings Team Manager, Dan Whitby, describes the show as, “It’s more than just freestyle. It’s a non-stop show that will entertain everyone from off–road enthusiasts to the general public. It’s a must see part of any festival and is continually growing in popularity as the awareness of freestyle motocross increases.”

The Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team will perform at over 40 events each year, including Motor sport Shows and Competitions, Corporate Days, City and County Shows both home and abroad. In fact the team will present itself to over 3 million people “LIVE” in the coming year and achieve massive press coverage both before and after each event.

The Rigid Landing System



The Programme

Introduction to the 75ft jump

The team introduce the crowds to the worlds no 1 mobile freestyle landing system.


Introduction to Riders

This gives the crowd the chance to get to know the rider they are cheering for.


Freestyle Motocross

Dan Whitby the team manager and the UK's number one 4 stroke FMX rider gives the crowd an insight to freestyle motocross, describing to the crowd what he’s experiencing as he flies 40ft in the air while performing a trick.


Freestyle Motocross Competition

The team have a demonstration jump competition. This really gets the crowd involved with the competition judged on crowd applause.


The Back Flip

(MUST BE ARRANGED IN ADVANCED WITH SHOW ORGANISER) - Yes, the flip, upside down on 2 wheels! It has to be seen to be believed.....


Street Bike Show

If your event has access to a concrete or tarmac area, in addition to the FMX riders, the team can also offer a fully choreographed street bike show.  For Details on the Bolddog Street bike Stunt Display, please click here


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dan backflip

UK's number one 4 stroke FMX’er Dan Whitby says “I really love being a part of this show, it's the adrenalin fueled sport of freestyle motocross packed into a great family show”.




The team have a flexible show that is tailored to the individual event, incorporating a mixture of the above programme.

The team can work to a number of different formats as outlined below:

  1. The shared arena format (e.g. for county shows and carnivals) - 2 x 45 minutes performances which includes taking the ramps in and out of the arena.
  2. Own arena format 1 (e.g. at extreme sports or motorcycle events) - If the team are provided with their own arena, the team will leave there equipment permanently set up in the arena. The team can perform 4 x 20 minute performances.
  3. Own arena format 2 (e.g. for a full afternoon or evening of entertainment) - If the team are provided with their own arena they can perform a 90 minute show split into 2 x different 45 minute performances, usually with a 30 minute break.


Self-contained Sound and PA System

The Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team provide an exciting commentary for each show either using the event’s public address system or the integral sound and PA system on the mobile landing ramp.


Interactive Stand

Outside the main arena, the team invites the public to their new interactive stand where they can meet the stars of the show and also find out more about Freestyle Motocross. A complete package designed to give value, both on and off the machines.


Bolddog Team Riders

arran powley samson eaton
UK’s first four stroke back flipper
Young new talent
UK’s highly ranked FMXer


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