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North West 200 2006 Photo Gallery 10th May 2006

Dan pulls off a harth attack Double can by Samson
Samson with a massive double can Dan pulling a cliffhanger
Dan with a fully extended look back hart attack Samson pulling a big switch blade

BMF Rally 20,21 May 2006

Dan And Sammy ready for action. Dan. seat grab indian air
Joe got a little wet. The team chillin out before the show.

Royal Bath & West Show 1st,2nd,3rd June 2006

Dan with a perfect shoulin. Holy Grab from Dan.
Double Grab from Dan. Rob chucking it side ways
Samsons Whip from another angle. One handed Grab from Dan.
Dan's Shaolin from the side. Rob can also get it side ways.
BOLDDOG Train. Nice Switch Blade from Samson.
Close up of Dan's Heart Attack Heel Clicker From Sammy
Another whip from Rob Sammy and his lady's. NICE ONE!

Isle of Man TT 4th June 2006

Double Grab from Dan Stalefish from Sammy
Perfect Heart Attack One of Samson's Crazy Whips
Dan with the Helicopter Dan just loves his grabs
Dan on the way back from a Pendulum One handed grab from Dan
Front view of Dan doing a one handed Grab Saran Wrap
Seat Grab Purple helmets were there

Lings Honda Open Evening 7th July


Colchester Military Tattoo 15th July

One handed grab from Dan Sammy Getting Sideways

National Adventure Sports Show (NASS) 29th, 30th July 2006

Lucy Pinder made an appearance at NASS The Riders