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NEWS ARCHIVE 2005 - 2006


Bolddog Back Flip                             


Bolddog Lings strive to be the best.

The Bolddog Lings Honda team have always been at the forefront of freestyle within the UK. With the introduction of the back flip in the US the pressure mounts on UK riders to stay at the top.The back flip is definitely a trick that you need under your belt if you want any kind of recognition.

The back flip is a very high-risk trick and if it goes wrong the consequences are catastrophical.

The quest to land the backflip is now being chased by two of the Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team riders in the form of Dan Whitby and Samson Eaton.

There are many stages to go through to learn the backflip and you start with the old faithful BMX and of course a foam pit. Dan and Samson have both mastered the BMX flip into foam and soon moved on to doing it onto hard ground. They then both moved on to flipping a CRF50 minibike into the foam, which was a bit different to that on a BMX. Then on Saturday January 13th Dan stepped up and attempted to flip a minibike ramp to ramp and after a couple of try’s Dan had mastered the flip on a minibike. Samson the other of the two riders is now ready and eagerly awaiting to also master the backflip on a minibike. Bolddog isn’t short of back flip attempters with new comer Aaron Powley now comfortably flipping his mini bike into foam.


                                        Mini Bike Back Flip landing system


        Dan Whitby mid flip                                                  Arran Powley Mid Flip



Bolddog LINGS Progress in the Freestyle Motocross World

With the revolution of 4-stroke bikes within Motocross races, The Bolddog Lings Team wants to be at the forefront of Freestyle Motocross. So we have given Dan Whitby, Bolddog Team Manager, a brand new Honda CRF250 to see if it is capable of being a competitive Freestyle machine. After modifying the bike with grab holes the bike was put to the test on Saturday 16th Dec 06. After a rigorous practice session, feedback from Dan has been nothing but positive, Dan said “after a few jumps I felt right at home on the 250F and I believe it is a future of Freestyle Motocross”.

Lings Honda have supported the team and Riders for many years, providing us with Honda CR250 Motocross Bikes and now the Honda CRF250.




When we are not riding our motocross bikes, you will find most of the Bolddog Lings FMX team out on their mini bikes or BMX bikes, especially winter time when it’s too wet to even take the motocross bikes onto the Bolddog practice track.

Nick Bond

There have many local skate parks where many of the Bolddog riders are every week, and some cool unspoilt trails.

Nick Bond at the local BMX trailsThe Local BMX Trails
Ben Smith gets off his BMX at the Local TrailsNick finally lands one at the BMX trails
Ben gets off his BMX againBen Smith hurting!!

Recently, we have been on our BMX bikes more than ever, learning the back flip so that we can try to land one on our motocross bikes. A rider we sponsor is Grant Hallinan who mastered the flip even without a foam pit, he just went out and did it straight onto the dirt, and landed it perfect!!!

The Skate Park at IpswichGrant Hallinan at the Haverhill Skate Park

The Bolddog BMX and mini bike foam pit below:

Andy Godbold masters the backflip into foam on the BMXAndy Godbold learning the back flip into the foam pit
The diifficult job of getting the BMX out of the foam pit


Dan Whitby 2005 Eastern Center Junior MX2 Champion.

Lings MX Team Rider Daniel Whitby took the honers of becoming Eastern Centre Junior MX2 champion 2005 ater competing in the 6 rounds of the Championship.

Dan would like to express his thanks to Lings and Bolddog for all their help and support though out the year.